Arthritic Pains

Arthritic Pains

Osteopaths spend a vast amount of their time dealing and helping with the pain and suffering caused by arthritis. Many people mistakenly assume that they must learn to live with their arthritic pains and symptoms. This is not true.

Pain relief and lifestyle management can improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers.

There are many types of arthritis. The most common one we see is osteoarthritis. This is associated with the phrases “wear and tear” and “pain you just have to live with when you get older”.


Osteoarthritis can be caused by many factors. Some of these can include previous injury, excessive stress on one area and poor posture. These changes in the joints, soft tissue and bones can cause pain, reduced range of motion, reduced muscle strength and impaired quality of life by limiting normal daily activities.


Treatment includes the following:
Manual therapy and
Weight loss.

Weight loss is particularly a priority if the osteoarthritis is present in weight-bearing joints such as hips and knees.

In all of the above osteopathy can be aimed to reduce the pain, decrease joint swelling, increase mobility and improve joint stiffness. This can be particularly helpful in the morning.

Treatment may consist of joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and soft tissue massage.

On average we would like to see our patient weekly until the symptoms are manageable. Then we recommend a monthly treatment pattern. Eventually we would hope to slowly space out treatments even more. However this is determined by the severity of osteoarthritis and how our patient responds to treatment.