Useful Guides

Useful guides to limit problems caused by everyday activities

Here is a list of everyday activities that can cause problems. Our guides will help to show you that with a few changes you can limit the chances of these developing.

At Heavitree Osteopaths Exeter we believe that prevention is key, here are some guides below you may find useful.

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Driving Posture 

Good driving posture is important. This guide includes step-by-step instructions to correct seat and steering wheel adjustment.


Working out in the garden can be very relaxing- however care must be taken to avoid injury. We have included some tips in this guide.

Office Worker 

Office workers need to take regular breaks to avoid postural fatigue. This guide includes some helpful advice to avoid discomfort.

Sleeping Posture

Advice and guidance on a good sleeping posture aimed at maintaining the spine’s natural alignment.

Workstation Ergonomics

A well thought out workstation is very important. Here we discuss your desk, chair, screen, keyboard and mouse.

Using a Laptop

An incorrectly used laptop can cause all sorts of shoulder and spinal problems. This guide includes information of seating and the correct way to carry your laptop.

Lifting and Handling

A guide to the main topics regarding good manual handling and useful tips for correctly lifting any object.