As You Get Older

Are you blaming your aches and pains on getting older? There is no need…

As we get older, priorities in our lives change and we enjoy life being retired. It can enable you to take up new hobbies, leisure and travel opportunities. Many of our patients enjoy activities like golf, gardening, caravanning, sewing etc. Many grandparents help their children by looking after their grandchildren.

However, our bodies do change as life goes on. It can lose its suppleness, ability to adapt and healing time slows. There may be chronic symptoms that have developed over many years from repetitive strain or significant traumas. These can lead to degenerative changes and stiffness. The impact of other systemic health issues and new medications can also affect your body’s normal functioning and energy levels.  This can create a viscous cycle, which prevents you from enjoying gentle exercise, being independent and keeping your mobility.

Osteopathy can help greatly during these changes, by decreasing the process of degeneration, increasing mobility, decreasing your pain and helping you enjoy life like you used to. Of course, we cannot take away your arthritis, however we can help you manage it and educate you with simple exercises you can do at home and much more.