Sports Injuries/Rehabilitation

Treating Injuries and aiding Rehabilitation

Any type of sports injuries can be really debilitating. Nowadays many more people are aware of the importance of exercise and fitness in the role of their overall health. As a result people who may not have exercised in a long time suddenly go back to physical activity unfortunately injuring themselves in the process. This results in people not sticking to their desired sport, or stopping exercising altogether. At Heavitree Osteopaths we recommend most of our patients increase their activity levels.

What can go wrong?

Many problems can be attributed to overuse (playing too often and hard without rest). This can result in conditions such as tennis elbowback strains and others. Not warming up or down after exercise and incorrect foot wear can be other causes which we can advise you on.

Osteopathy can improve joint flexibly taking load off specific areas of the spine in order to help prevent injury. An example of this may be golfers who have a stiff mid back. During their swing, instead of a gradual movement throughout the spine, most movement comes from the lower portion of the spine. This can cause muscle and ligament strains and sprains. By improving the flexibility of the mid back, hips and shoulders, the forces are distributed more evenly. This lessens the chance of injury.

At Heavitree Osteopaths we believe in providing a system of care that encompasses all aspects of help with your recovery. From simple exercises to more complex rehab we can aid and help you manage your problem. We are interested in understanding the underlying cause of your problem. Often this can be due to muscle imbalances and weaknesses. We will assess your ability level and give appropriate exercises to begin recovery followed later by more complex exercises to strengthen the desired area.