Work and Driving

Work and Driving Problems

Work and driving problems account for many millions of lost working days last year in Britain. No matter what your work is, you need to be able to cope with the demands made on your body by the type of work you do.


Manual work comes with obvious risks due to lifting and repetitive movements. These can lead to a wide range of problems such as muscle strains, disc problems and sciatica. We understand that most people know how they should lift (straight back and bent knees) but certain situations don’t always make this easy. It is important that your muscles and joints are working correctly, so that they do not strain certain areas leading to problems. Many of our patients are self employed tradespeople and having time off work is difficult due to a loss of wages.

Our Osteopaths can give you advice on how long your problem will take to recover, and by using osteopathy and rehabilitation, speed up your recovery time in order to get you back to work sooner. We believe that you should treat your back like an athlete would treat their body. They have regular massages, nutritional experts, sports coaches etc to keep their body in an optimal state. At work each day, your back works as hard as it can to lift and move. Your muscles are working just as hard as an athlete’s muscles but doesn’t get any of this care. At Heavitree Osteopaths, we offer a similar level of care to help keep your body in this optimal state. Many of our patients come in for treatment even though they may not have specific problems in order to help prevent some of these problems from arising.


Many jobs require driving long distances for long periods of times. Some cars are well known for comfort and their support, but unfortunately this is not the majority. Many cars and vans have seats with very poor back support. As a result this can put added  strain on parts of the body causing neck pain, shoulder problems, lower back strain and much more. It is therefore important to find ways to help your body to diminish the strain brought on by poor seating. Our Osteopaths can speak to you in detail to find ways to help you make the most of your car seat and limit the strain on your body.