Overview of Flexiseq

Overview of Flexiseq

What is Flexiseq?

Flexiseq is a gel product that contains small particles called Sequessomes and contains no active drug.  This product has gained attention over the last year in the media. It is claimed to relieve pain associated with Osteoarthritis (OA) and by helping lubricate the joints and is especially effective for people suffering with knee OA.

How does it work?

The manufacture’s claim that the Sequessome vesicles move into the joint and create a lubricating layer that protects the damaged surface from friction and further wear and tear. Here is a video created by the company that makes Flexiseq to explain how it works.

From their scientific studies they have published, we do not yet understand how Flexiseq works or whether it is more effective than a completely inactive gel rubbed onto the knee. Hopefully in the future further studies will be conducted to learn more.

Overview of Flexiseq

It has been proven that Flexiseq can provide good initial pain relief. As there is absence of any active drugs, it is great as people who are unable to take conventional medication due to the effect on their stomach, heart, kidneys etc. Nowadays people are living longer, therefore the likelihood of suffering with OA increases. There is a real need for products that can help with OA but without the side effects of anti-inflammatory medication.  Flexiseq is proven to be very safe and cause only minor side effects such as mild skin irritation. It is a little more expensive than some other products, £16.49 from our local Lloyds Pharmacy for a 50g tube. There are many methods of relieving OA, but flexiseq could help you day to day.

Please read our information page about Osteoarthritis to learn more about the condition and how osteopathy can help.

Here is a link of a basic overview of the research for Flexiseq done by Arthritis Research UK.