Tennis Elbow

Tennis ElbowWorn tennis courts.

Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis causes tenderness and pain on the outside  of the forearm. This can be a problem that tennis players experience, as the name suggests, although most people who suffer with this problem do not play tennis!


It is believed that repetitive activities can lead to small tears in the muscles, however recent research is pointing towards sudden forces through the muscles of the forearm causing over half of presented complaints. A nerve in the forearm can get compressed, which can be very painful. If left untreated tennis elbow can lead to shoulder and wrist problems.


Pain and aching occurs over the elbow and outside of the forearm. The wrist can become painful when gripping, and pouring and sweeping type movements can be difficult. All of these symptoms are similar to Golfer’s Elbow but this occurs on the inner side of the forearm.


Your Osteopath will identify any activity or movement that may be causing this problem and will work on the muscles of the forearm to reduce tension and help mobility of the elbow joint. Treating the neck and mid back also helps to improve the nerve function to the elbow in addition to exercise rehabilitation and hydrotherapy to further aid recovery.