Using a Laptop

Doing workUsing your Laptop correctly

Laptops are convenient for people on the move and are a great way to carry your work with you. Unfortunately research shows that prolonged periods of use are associated with shoulder and/or spinal problems. This is due to the keyboard and screen combination  design that compromises the spine and upper shoulder posture. To improve your posture and make using a laptop more ergonomically sound, it may be beneficial to invest in a laptop kit, composing of an adjustable stand, external mouse and keyboard.

Where possible we would advise similar principles as sitting at a desk on a regular PC. These include:

  • Chair at the correct height
  • And pushed right under the desk
  • Forearms well supported
  • Correct screen height (the screen of the monitor should be at eye level)
  • Screen positioned centrally and at a comfortable distance from your eyes

Try not to hunch over your laptop and improvise where possible. Using books for example to raise the screen to the correct height and taking regular breaks.

Carrying your Laptop correctly

Back Packs

These can be useful as they distribute the weight symmetrically, which our bodies can tolerate more easily. If your laptop is fairly heavy and you need to carry additional paper work, a back pack may be a good choice for you.

Wheeled/Roller Case

These cases can also be very useful for people whose laptop/equipment is too heavy and bulky to fit into a back pack. Also if you have to stand for long periods and travel you may find that they are a good investment. However it can be difficult to negotiate stairs and small spaces, requiring you to lift your bag several times and leading to strain of the back or shoulders. You can purchase combination bags that act as back packs and roller bags.